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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Cong terms Kejri a ‘street side joker’

PANJIM: The Congress Party on Tuesday termed Aam aadmi Party (AAP) Convenor and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal as a ‘street side joker’.
“Kejriwal is nothing beyond a joker, who is trying all cheap tricks to win people’s trust like a street side joker,” Congress spokesman Trojano D’Mello told media persons warning AAP not to play with the emotions and sentiments of the people by making vague promises.

During his visit to the State over the weekend, Kejriwal had made a series of assurances and displayed confidence in defeating Congress and BJP in the 2017 elections.
D’Mello also accused Kejriwal of harbouring ‘artificial love’ towards the State eyeing its land resources. “This character (Kejriwal) is eyeing the land of Goa as an agent of the Delhites. This process of selling land to Delhites in a large scale was started by the BJP by keeping the Regional Plan under wraps and opening the Industrial Promotion Board,” D’Mello said.
He alleged that Kejriwal wants to capitalize and make gains for himself.  “All this artificial love which he is professing for Goans is buried in his ambitious plan of looting and eradicating the identity of Goans,” he added.
Kejriwal, on three-day visit to Goa had met a cross section of society, including mining dependants and tribals.
“Goa for the last 2-3 days had a visitor who after being involved in anarchism in New Delhi has come to Goa to extend his anarchism to our State.  How can a man who does not respect the Constitution of India be trusted to govern the State?” D’Mello said.
Congress said that in the 2017 elections the people of Goa will prove that Kejriwal is a joker.

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