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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Chicalim opposes casinos in Zuari

VASCO: The gram sabha members of Chicalim Panchayat unanimously resolved to oppose shifting of casinos to Chicalim Bay in River Zuari and it has been decided that the panchayat would peruse with the Goa State Biodiversity Board to get Chicalim Bay declared as biodiversity heritage site under Section 37 of the Biodiversity Act, 2002.

Hosts of other issues including garbage menace in the village, pending action on illegal mobile tower was discussed at the gram sabha meeting chaired by Sarpanch Projyoti Kudalkar on Sunday.
During the discussion on shifting casinos to Chicalim bay, the gram sabha members slammed the state government for forcing its decision on the village. They said that besides gambling, casino culture promotes drugs and prostitution.
A member claimed that the proposed access site for casinos and the boarding jetty would block the entire airport road and all other roads leading into and out of Chicalim.
He said that the existing shipyards have already polluted the river which in turn poisoned the Chicalim Bay and the dumping of sewage by casinos vessels would create more pollution.
A villager suggested that since the naval authorities have a highly security sensitive depot at the Chicalim bay where they store ammunitions, the panchayat should write to the Flag Officer, Goa area asking him to oppose the shifting of casinos to Chicalim bay on security grounds. It was later unanimously resolved to oppose shifting of casinos to Chicalim bay.
The gram sabha members also raised their concerns over the damage done to the Chicalim ground. The members claimed that the contractor concerned who erected the pandal for the inauguration of new panchayat ghar on the occasion of MLA Mauvin Godinho’s birthday, damaged the ground.
 for which the panchayat should claims maintenance fee from the contractor.
The issue of local youth being deprived of using the said ground as the same has been allotted to a sports club for practice was also raised, to which the panchayat informed that the villagers are free to use the ground anytime before 3.30 pm or after 4.30 pm.
The issue of garbage menace witnessed noisy scenes as the gram sabha members claimed that the NGO concerned appointed to collect the garbage has not been collecting the waste citing continuous rains.
It was alleged by the villagers that medical waste is being burnt by the contractor thereby polluting the environment.
The panchayat body assured the gram sabha members that they are making efforts to resolve the issue of garbage by setting up a mini treatment plant having a capacity to treat 1.5 tonnes of garbage for which the land has already identified by the panchayat.
The villagers suggested that until the village gets its own plant, the panchayat should send all the collected garbage to Saligao plant which is running under capacity. However, the proposal was turned down citing difficulty in transporting, though the panchayat agreed to introduce plastic ban in the village.
Other issues such as pending action on illegal mobile tower at Chicalim, illegal fishing by migrants near ship repair yards at Chicalim bay and selling of fish by them on roadsides thereby posing risk of accidents to commuters, conservation of heritage cave opposite Dabolim railway station, development of Dabolim junction etc was discussed at the meeting.

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