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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Survey: People want a change of guard

Panaji: Citizens of the state are eying a change in guard in the next assembly election, is what initial findings of the survey conducted by the Kautilya voters intelligence survey 2016-Goa state. The survey's initial findings will be officially released on August 13.

Founder and chief influencing officer of Advaita Teertha, Sankalp Chandelkar told reporteres that people of the state want change in next assembly elections. He also said that the youth want young leaders with a vision of fulfilling aspirations of the youth.
The survey has taken various social parameters and covered 80,000 people across 189 panchayats, 12 municipalities, the corporation of the city of the Panaji (CCP) and 1,640 polling stations.
The survey was conducted between April 15 and July 15. Chandelkar said that around 5,000 families have been covered under the survey to gauge the sentiment of the people in each constituency. He also said that the first finding will present the current mood of the electorate via various parties and their chances in the forthcoming elections.

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