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Monday, August 1, 2016

Diabetes, hypertension on the rise among Goans

PANAJI: The performance budget report of the directorate of health services tabled in the state legislative assembly has maintained that lifestyle diseases like diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease (CVD) are on the rise in Goa.
Informing that altogether 1,74,753 patients were screened during the year 2015-16, as against 50,108 during the year 2014-15, the report maintains that out of them a total of 9,685 patients were detected as diabetics during 2015-16, while 6,744 were found to be suffering from diabetes in 2014-15.

Furthermore, the report reveals that during the year 2015-16, altogether 12,376 patients were diagnosed with hypertension, while during the year 2014-15, the number of hypertension patients found was 8,255. It also states that during the year 2015-16, in all 2,508 patients were found to be suffering from CVD, while number of such patients detected during the year 2014-15 was less than half – 1,234.
As regards registration of the diabetics in the state Diabetes Registry Cell, the report mentions that from January 2011 till the end of June 2016, a total of 12,856 patients with diabetes mellitus – a chronic condition – were registered by this Cell.
Speaking about malaria, the report states that during the year 2015-16, there has been decrease in malaria cases as compared to the year 2014-15. “A total of 4,28,471 patients were screened for malaria during 2015-16. A total of 626 were found positive for the disease and of these 69 were Plasmodium Falciparum cases, while one death was reported during the same time,” it maintains, pointing out, “Locals affected by malaria were 255 patients with 16 being of Plasmodium Falciparum.”
“Thus over 59.27 per cent of cases were amongst migrant population at the construction sites,” the report deduces.
The report further observes that during the year 2015-16, there were 301 reported cases of dengue fever. “Similarly, there were 31 cases of Acute Encephalitis (AES) and out of these one was confirmed for Japanese Encephalitis (JE),” it states, adding, “During the year 2015-16, there were 459 suspected cases of chikungunya, out of which 38 were confirmed for chikungunya serologically.”
The report also informed that government had set a target to construct two sub-health centres during 2013-14, one during 2014-15, and another two during 2015-16. However, not even one of these sub health-centres could be set up. These sub-health centres were proposed at Bhatpal in Canacona taluka and Surla in Bicholim taluka.
Furthermore, four public health centres, one each at Calangute, Chimbel, Porvorim and Mayem were proposed to be established during the year 2015-16, but none could be established, as per the report. The construction of a public health centre at Navelim, proposed during the year 2015-16, also remained on paper.

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