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Monday, August 8, 2016

Goa ‘sold out’ over the Independence Day weekend

Panaji: Holidaying in Goa for the extended Independence Day weekend is likely to prove a costly affair. Mumbaikars, who make up the largest chunk of weekend holidayers to Goa, will be paying four times the regular fare to land in Goa on August 12 or 13.

While the normal airfare from Mumbai to Goa is priced at 1,500, the flight ticket will cost 8,117 on August 12 and 13.
Flying back to the metro after the extended weekend is over will be equally expensive with the air fare costing over 6,500 on August 15 and 16. The prices are expected to spiral further as the extended weekend draws closer.
Even the bus fare from Bengaluru and Mumbai to Goa, which usually costs between 700 to 900 for a seat in an AC bus, is priced this extended weekend at 2,500 to 3,000. Even if travellers from regions like Mumbai decide to drive to Goa, as is the common practice followed to skip exorbitant air fares, finding an accommodation is going to prove tough.
Travel sites indicate that all of the accommodation, even those in the interiors like Dudhsagar Spa Resort or Hotel Fort Tiracol, are already 'sold out'.
Anyone looking for a last minute stay at Leela's Resort, Alila Diwa, Taj Exotica, Taj Fort Aguada, Taj Vivanta Panaji or Grand Hyatt Bambolim will be disappointed.
Rooms at all the mentioned five-star properties had been booked well in advance and the joy was evident in the voices of the front desks of all the resorts as they informed so.
At the hotels that are able to accommodate a last minute travel plan, be prepared to fork out a staggering 12,000-33,000 per night per room.
Nupur Singh, who is visiting her family in Mumbai from Maryland, US, originally wanted to go to Goa for the long weekend, but she had to change her plans to Kerala.
"We had difficulty finding rooms we liked enough to spend on in Goa," she said.
An entire package from August 12 to 15 at Vivanta by Taj Malabar, Kochi, would cost a total of Rs 35,000, or about the same that it would cost to stay for a day in Goa.
"We have guests coming for the extended weekend from Mumbai, Delhi, Bengaluru and other cities and people always want to come to Goa for a holiday. There are many companies that also prefer to organise their events, company outbound programs during a long weekend. We are always, always sold out," promoter and managing director of Resort Rio and Resort Royale Anup Shah said.
Flight tickets to Goa, not just from Mumbai, but from any of the metros are priced three to four times their regular fare for the extended weekend starting August 12.
While the usual fare from Delhi to Goa costs around Rs 4,200, on August 12, the flight charges have spiralled to Rs 10,000. Residents from Delhi will have to shell out an equally high amount to fly out of Goa on August 15 or 16.
The normal fare to fly from Bengaluru to Goa may be only around Rs 1,500, but on August 12 the same flight tickets have been priced at Rs 6,789. The prices rise further when the traveller will fly back to Bengaluru on August 15 or 16 to Rs 9,445.

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