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Thursday, August 11, 2016

Konkani films now online to reach more Goans

Panaji: In what is seen as a digital revolution in the Goan entertainment area, the Goan diaspora that has little or no access to recent Konkani movies and tiatr can now enjoy Konkani movies, dramas, short films and music in the confines of their homes with the launch of Konkani entertainment website www.goenchobalcao.com by the WHN Digital.

Home Sweet Home-1, produced by Swapnil Shetkar, will be the first movie to be released on the portal which will be launched on Friday, Assis Cardozo, a part of the WHN team, told TOI. The online portal allows one to commercially view content but not download it, thus minimizing unauthorized uploading of Konkani entertainment on the internet and allowing filmmakers to control their creative and intellectual property while digitally marketing their content.
WHN Digital will legally accept Konkani entertainment content from authorized sources and share a portion of the profit with filmmakers. Thus each time a Goan watches a movie on the portal, a filmmaker will be paid.
The novel concept was designed by William Britto, from Uccasaim but based in Dubai, Nigel Quadros, an IT professional from Divar but currently in Qatar and Assis Cardozo, a businessman and amateur tiatr artist from Candolim. Britto and Quadros handled the back-end work of designing, structuring and creating the website while Assis worked on getting tiatr directors and the film fraternity on board.
Shetkar is excited about his film reaching the global Goan audience. "We took our film to the Gulf but didn't manage to take it to the West as we began work on Part 2 immediately. I expect a large audience in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia to watch the film on this portal since we haven't circulated any DVDs yet," he says, adding that one can watch the film with the entire family at home, saving money on travelling to the theatre and buying refreshments there.

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