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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Narcotics sold outside educational institutes, CM says in Assembly

Says drugs are sold at small kiosks or through taxi or rickshaw operators; asks police to be strict on the issue

PORVORIM: Raising serious concerns about the growing drug addiction amongst youth, especially students, Chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar on Tuesday admitted on the floor of the House that drugs are being sold outside reputed educational institutes.

“It is a high time that we should act against sale of drugs. I have heard that such things are going on outside the educational institutes, it is happening outside some of the most reputed educational institutes. I would not like to name them but it is a very serious problem,” Parsekar told the State Legislative Assembly responding to a question tabled by BJP MLA Carlos Almeida who alleged that the police and drug peddlers are hand-in-glove in the business.
“Drugs are sold at small kiosks or even with some taxi or rickshaw operators outside the educational institutions. I have already spoken to the police. We need to tackle this menace. Our youth will be destroyed if this continues,” the Chief Minister said.
The Chief Minister said he has weighed the issue with seriousness and has asked police to be strict on the issue. “I am taking it as an important task for the State of Goa,” he said.
Parsekar, who is also Minister for Home, said there is need to lay more emphasis on educating the youth on the ill effects of drug consumption.
He admitted to Almeida that earlier there had not been a single case of drug peddling reported in Vasco town for three years. “But when the question was taken for reply by the department, within three days two cases were registered. I know that it cannot be a coincidence that during the last three years there was no case and suddenly two cases are registered in three days,” he said.
Almeida alleged on the floor of the House that police were hand in glove with those selling narcotics in Vasco. “Several youth in Vasco are getting addicted to this dangerous drug. It is being sold openly outside educational institutes. If police are ready, I will provide the name of the institute and other places where such narcotic is sold publicly without any fear,” the MLA said.

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