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Friday, August 19, 2016

‘One KTC bus breaks down every second day’

Panaji: In an indication of how well Kadamba buses are serviced, data shows that one Kadamba bus breaks down every second day while plying on vital routes in the state. Over a 30-month period, starting January 2014, Kadamba buses broke down on 601 occasions and met with 52 accidents while ferrying passengers.
The data was made available by Goa Pradesh Congress Committee (GPCC) under information obtained right to information (RTI). Kadamba transport union officials said faulty buses and lack of quality spare parts are the reason behind the frequent breakdowns.

The data reflects the frustration of the long lines of commuters, who spend hours waiting for buses.
The highest number of breakdowns were recorded by the Margao depot with 298 buses grinding to a halt midway. Buses allocated to the Margao depot also met with the highest number of accidents, 26 from 2014. Buses from Vasco recorded 159 breakdowns.
"The buses are substandard and parts are not available in the market. These are new vehicles purchased a few years ago. Since spare parts are not available, the same old parts are repaired and put back, so buses keep breaking down," Kadamba Transport Corporation Ltd drivers and allied employees union member Joaquim Fernandes said.
According to the data, 24 injuries due to accidents involving Kadamba buses occurred since January 2014, in which five individuals lost their lives. The highest number of injuries occurred in the Margao jurisdiction. Accusing the state government of neglecting Kadamba Transport Corporation Limited (KTCL), the GPCC said that the information reflected the government's failure to ensure safety, maintenance and quality of public transport in Goa.
"The failure of the state government is condemnable as it is their duty to provide good, safe and efficient Kadamba bus transport facilities to the common people," said GPCC spokesperson Yatish Naik.

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