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Thursday, August 18, 2016

‘Tackle snake bites calmly and quickly’

MARGAO: Victims often panic after being bitten by snakes, but remaining calm and following a few simple do's and dont's are critical to tackle the situation.
Charan Dessai from the NGO, 'Study and Awareness of Wildlife and Environment' (SAWE) guided about 100 participants during a 'Snake awareness and first aid on snake bites' workshop organized by the Antarang Club in Margao recently.

After a snake bite, the wound should be washed immediately, while a call is made to 108 ambulance to take the patient to the nearest government hospital.
At the hospital, the patient will be examined and symptoms such as pain in the stomach or passing of blood in the urine are noted to help with administering anti-venom antidote.
The patient has to adhere to a vegetarian diet for a quick recovery and be cautious about the source of drinking water as the venom remains in his/her blood, Dessai said.
The Ponda-based animal rescuer said he feared snakes and all reptiles like anyone else. "But I had to conquer my fear and had to summon will power to save others. A proper study and research about our snakes and wildlife are essential so that we can save them in a more scientific and effective manner," he said.
It is difficult for ordinary citizens to identify a venomous snakes, Dessai said, adding that caution is needed. Venomous snakes like cobras are aggressive, Russell vipers produce a hissing sound. Dessai also threw light on the various types of snakes and their habitats, which, he said, are on the decline due to pollution as well as human encroachments, resulting in increasing animal-human conflicts.
"There are 55-60 animal rescuers all over Goa who respond to rescue calls, and some have a tie-up with the Bicholim-based Animal Rescue Squad," Dessai said.
Awareness seminars are regularly conducted in schools and colleges in Goa.

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