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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Victoria: Will move masses for Konkani

Panaji: Condemning the resolution of giving Marathi official language status, former St Cruz MLA Victoria Fernandes lashed out at the government.
"Decades ago, we had fought for Konkani to become the official language of Goa and succeeded. Today, the current rulers want to give the title of mother tongue to Marathi. It stings that after years of struggle such issues still crop up."

On the last day of the monsoon session, Goa assembly passed a resolution seeking official language status for Marathi, alongside Konkani.
"These stunts are nothing but vote bank politics. Such antics to win the upcoming elections will not work. Konkani is our identity and our culture. I will lay down my life for the mother tongue if I have to but will not let the ruling government touch the Official Language Act," she said.
She further added that if the BJP amends the act she will lead a mass agitation and rouse the masses against this move. "We have shown the people's power during the Opinion Poll and we will show it that again for Konkani," she added.

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