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Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Women tell Kejri to shut bars, casinos

Margao: Though Delhi chief minister and AAP national convener, Arvind Kejriwal, described the women's meet held in Margao as a "rich dialogue", he was treated to a rather discomfiting spectacle no sooner he arrived at the venue.

Before the arrival of Kejriwal, the event commenced with several women voicing their views about the issues plaguing Goa and how AAP holds promise of redressing those issues. When Kejriwal arrived to a tumultuous applause, the first woman to speak in Kejriwal's presence was Chitra Kshirsagar, a noted social worker and activist. Speaking in Marathi, Kshirsagar made a fervent appeal to Kejriwal to include three things in his agenda if AAP came to the power in Goa following the 2017 assembly elections. First, shut all bars in Goa as they were ruining the youth and families. Second, she said, AAP should stop casinos in Goa as gambling was destroying Goa's social and cultural fabric.
While the audience responded with glee to these two demands, the third demand, however, got the all-women gathering rather restive. "Marathi should be made the official language of Goa," Khirsagar told Kejriwal, and the crowd, consisting largely of women from across Salcete lost no time in booing her.
Several women from the crowd were up on their feet demanding that she stop speaking any further, and the AAP volunteers had a tough time in pacifying the frayed nerves, even as a bemused Kejriwal looked on. An apology from the organizers finally helped restore sanity in the gathering.
Later addressing the women, Kejriwal said that he had never seen such a rich dialogue happen anywhere in the country before.

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