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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Colva gives nod for 2 mobile towers after CM’s warning

CARMONA/COLVA: In the backdrop of the warning issued by the Chief Minister Laxmikant Parsekar asking the village panchayats not to oppose setting up of mobile towers in view of the upcoming BRICS Summit, Colva gram sabha has granted NOC to only two out of the proposed five towers but only away from residential areas while Carmona gram sabha wants the sites identified.

The Colva panchayat convened the adjourned extraordinary gram sabha to discuss the mobile issue after the village panchayat along with 10 Salcete panchayats were served notices by the directorate of panchayats to decide the fate of 41 towers proposed in Salcete ahead of the summit. Colva gram sabha strongly opposed any proposal to set up mobile towers in residential areas.
Elsewhere in Carmona, the general gram sabha was adjourned after noisy scenes with the members demanding from the village panchayat to write to the telecom companies to identify the sites for the proposed mobile towers. The villagers demanded that the panchayat should also carry out site inspection.
The villagers also wanted to know the stand of the sarpanch to the warning issued by the chief minister to the village panchayats to grant NOCs or threatened to bypass the village panchayat, sarpanch Sandra Fernandes informed that the panchayats have been served a deadline till September 26 to decide.
Meanwhile, the recent warning issued by the Chief Minister evoked widespread criticism with many village groups condemning the act. Various groups challenged the government to take over the functioning of the panchayats and amend the law to abolish gram sabhas if the views and sentiments of the people had no importance.
The villagers pointed out that instead of issuing threats, Parsekar could have clarified the doubts raised by the people vis-a-vis  what is the distance (radius ) covered by one cell on the mobile tower which they intend to install as of now and what will be their emission levels and the whole plan of tower networks. Normally there are 3 cells on each tower, one cell covers 120 degree and standard distance covered by a tower with maximum height is around 6 to 8 kilometres.
Villagers also noted that the chief minister is only concerned about few delegates from abroad and no concern for the local people’s health. Villagers also were wondering why the government is promoting private companies when the government-owned BSNL is struggling with competition.
A villager said that he has never seen the Prime Minister Narendra Modi advertise for BSNL, but he is canvassing for Reliance JIO. Villagers were also wondering why BDO issued directives to panchayats for holding gram sabhas, whereas the companies should have filed applications before the respective panchayats and followed the due process of approval. Villager said that the best option would be to put up temporary mobile towers for the BRICS Summit and to remove them after the summit.

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