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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Revolt in RSS: independent Goa Sangh formed under Velingkar

PANAJI: In an unprecedented move, the 400-odd swayamsevaks or volunteers of the state unit of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), who had resigned en masse on Wednesday, following the relieving of state in-charge of RSS Subhash Velingkar from his post, on Thursday carved out an independent Goa unit of the Sangh and appointed Velingkar as its chief.

Later, addressing a press conference in the city, Velingkar said that unlike the disbanded state unit of RSS, which was placed under the ‘Kokan Prant’ or Konkan district stretching from Dahanu in Maharashtra to Canacona in Goa, the newly formed RSS unit would be independent and restricted to Goa state.
“The Goa RSS unit will follow all the aims and objectives of the Sangh, and irrespective of the recognition from the Nagpur-based parent organisation, follow the path of ideology once led by the RSS chiefs like K B Hedgewar and M S Golwalkar,” he maintained, stressing that the Goa unit of RSS will have no affiliation to the Konkan district.
“This is the first experiment of its kind in the entire country,” Velingkar stated, retorting that it clearly emphasises that no one should take the Sangh for granted. “Some of the Bharatiya Janata Party leaders should understand that they were born in the dwelling of RSS and not vice versa,” he snapped. Refusing to describe the act of the state RSS volunteers as a rebellion, Velingkar said that the newly formed operational unit of RSS would extend its “total and unconditional” support to the Bharatiya Bhasha Suraksha Manch (BBSM), until it achieves success as regards its demand to withdraw the government grants to the 135 English primary schools in Goa. “Our unit will also support the to-be-formed political party under the patronage of the BBSM, and its subsequent participation in the forthcoming state assembly polls,” he mentioned, pointing out that the Goa RSS unit would be sending its first report to the RSS headquarters after the state assembly election.
Krishnaraj Sukerkar will be the North Goa head of the unit, while Ramdas Saraf will be the chief for South Goa district. Pravin Nesvankar has been appointed as the Karyawah or secretary of the unit.
Speaking further, Velingkar said that the aims and objectives of the RSS will form aspirations for the lives of the volunteers of the Goa unit of Sangh. “We are all self-initiated,” he announced, adding that 10,000 active volunteers of the new unit, 1.5 lakh other volunteers and in all, 3 lakh voters including families of these volunteers would not vote for the BJP as per their conviction, at the 2017 state assembly election, and support the political party to be floated by the BBSM.
Describing Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar as a “certified liar,” who has dragged the state BJP behind him, Velingkar said that the state BJP leaders have become mute like lambs, and are afraid to react. He also maintained that by forming a new unit, the volunteers have now emerged stronger.
On a parting note, Velingkar said that conscience is the leader of all the volunteers of the Goa unit of RSS, further making it clear that he would not contest the forthcoming state assembly election. “We now make an appeal to all the workers of the BJP to understand the truth and the lies, and take the right decision,” he concluded, while remarking that during his 55-year association with the RSS, he has not seen such helplessness and desperation, as was evident during his removal from the post.

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