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Thursday, September 1, 2016

We are not BJP’s slaves: Velingkar

Blames Parrikar & Gadkari for his ouster & trying to break MoI movement

PANJIM: Ousted Goa RSS Chief, Subhash Velingkar on Thursday accused his long term comrade in arms, Manohar Parrikar and surprisingly union minister Nitin Gadkari for being behind the movement to remove him from the post of Sangchalak of Goa.

Speaking to Herald Velingkar referring to Parrikar has said that this is our first experience that a Sangh volunteer has become different after being politician.
“I was not shocked. I was anticipating it (the relieving letter). Manohar Parrikar and Nitin Gadkari are powerful at the Centre. They have strong lobbying there. They must have tried for it. They must have wrongly fed RSS high command,” Velingkar told Herald on Thursday in a chat at his residence in Panjim.
 “There is a possibility of Gadkari and Parrikar misreporting the RSS headquarters on the issue. For them, I was the only focal point and they tried to break the (Medium of Instruction) movement. Later they will repent for doing it,” he said.
Taking on Parrikar, Velingkar said “Politics is slippery, but despite that there are people who have remained clean in politics. There are some people who stand on high pedestal,” he said.
Manohar Parrikar had shared same dais prior to the assembly polls in the year 2012 and had promised in the election manifesto of BJP that grants issue would be resolved.
 “We are wondering what happened to Parrikar that forced him to take this illogical stand (of giving grants to English medium schools). This was their own demand, how can they go against it,” Velingkar said.
“We are not your (BJP’s) slaves,”, Velingkar retorted, meaning that he will not be forced to accepting the government’s decision to give grants to English schools.
Velingkar said that he never demanded to be relieved from the post because he was giving justice to it. “I had not demanded that I should be relieved because I know that I am giving justice to the post. We are in society. Sangh does not keep us confined in the four walls of RSS. Society is bigger than RSS” he said.
 Velingkar said that RSS will never ask its workers or followers to vote for any particular party unlike Church or Fatwa by Islam community. “The voters give their votes based on the ideology of the party. BJP in Goa does not have that ideology,” he added.

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