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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Section of Fatorda BJP workers joins Goa Forward Party

MARGAO: Several ward-level leaders of the Bharatiya Janata  Party (BJP) from the  Fatorda constituency,  besides a  member of the South Goa  district level  committee Sujay  Lotlikar joined hands with the  Goa Forward Party,  claiming that the BJP leader from Fatorda Damodar Naik  disrespected them  even though  they worked hard and sincerely for the  party during the last several elections.

A former councillor Raju Naik from Pajifond, who  had contested the  municipal election with the  support of  the BJP, also  joined the party.
Others — ex-councillor Ramdas Hazare, Charlton Baretto, Vitorino Tavares, Custodio Dias, Mayur Naik and Florindo Miranda who joined the Goa Forward Party said that  the Goa Forward,  which is mentored by the Independent MLA Vijai Sardesai, is  promoting the ST leaders.
“I was with the BJP for the last 20 years. I sincerely worked for the party.  But the Fatorda BJP leader failed to give us our due respect. This made me feel that we should move out,”Lotlikar said.
Raju Naik, a former  councillor  who fought council election with  Damu’s  support, said that  he did not like the “dictating ways of the former  Fatorda BJP  MLA.”
The president of Goa Forward Party Prabhakar Timble, while speaking to the media on the occasion, said that the Goa Forward is  still open for the  grand alliance, and therefore is ready to join hands with Congress  “to defeat the BJP at any cost.”
Timble said, “We can  wait patiently for it.  Because, we want to defeat the BJP at any cost.  The  Goa Forward will have its high command in Goa and that’s the specialty of  the  party.”
Timble, who agreed that talks with the Congress  are on,  informed that  some more  BJP workers from Margao  are  also willing to join  the party, and added that it will happen very soon.
The party mentor Vijai Sardesai welcomed the new party entrants.
“Goa Forward has a model,  and whoever fits into it, would be given a ticket for the forthcoming election.” Sardesai said
When the media asked him about the allotment of tickets, he, “Once the party gets symbol, the selection of candidates will start.’’
Meanwhile, speaking to this daily, Lotlikar said, “I worked sincerely for the  party all these years. I worked to fetch victory for former MLA Damodar Naik. I worked during South Goa MP election.  But, recently, I saw a lot of changes in the leaders.  The leaders whom I worked for showed no respect for me.  I was insulted a couple of times. This forced me to resign from the party.  I forwarded my resignation on Friday evening to the state BJP president.”
“I am convinced about the way the  Goa Forward Party promotes the youths. There is a real `Goykarponn’ in the party.  Besides, the party  leadership,  it’s mentor  Vijai Sardesai care  for the youths.”
“Before taking this decision. We (myself and Goa  Forward leaders and the councillors) met and discussed.  We ironed out the differences and  would now jointly work to build the  Goa Forward Party,” he added.
“On Thursday evening,  MP Narendra Sawaikar met me in Margao, and tried to convince me not to leave the party, and assured to  resolve the problems if any,” he said adding former chief minister and  Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar had also called me at Panaji and promised that he would talk to Damu  and  sort out the misunderstandings.
“But  I had taken the  decision to  leave the party. And, I stood by it,” he stressed.
“Nobody gave me any offer. And I am not for it.  I repeat that I  joined  Goa Forward Party only because I liked the way youths are promoted,”he added.

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