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Sunday, October 23, 2016

Air crash averted at Dabolim

VASCO: Major tragedy averted when Spice Jet and GoAir flights nearly missed collision over Dabolim airspace on Saturday.
According to reports, the incident reported after the Go Air pilot allegedly changed his flight course, causing the air traffic collision avoidance system (TCAS) in the planes to go off. Sources claimed that Spice Jet aircraft from Hydrabad to Goa (SG 3604) was trying to take off in the path suggested by the Air Traffic control (ATC) managed by Navy at Goa Airport, at the same time GoAir flight, which should have been in the north-west airspace, entered the north-east airspace where Spice Jet Q400 aircraft VT-SUD was present but luckily the mishap was averted.

As per Naval ATC they had issued NOTAM (Notice to Airmen,) that the landing instruments system will not be temporarily available due to some reasons.
Surprisingly, when Herald contacted AAI director BCH Negi, he claimed that he has no clue about the incident and suggested the reporter to contact ATC officials for details.
Ironically, the ATC officials at Dabolim airport, too tried to hide the incident but only confirmed that such incident has been reported however they will not be in position to reveal more details of the incident as Navy PRO is authorized to provide information to media.

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