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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Monica ‘killer’, shaved, cooked & ate before murdering her

Accused killer spent two nights on terrace; tortured her the entire night before killing her at 3.30 am on October 6; Killer, a former security guard was sacked from Monica’s complex as she complained against him, for stealing her umbrella

SALIGAO: Rajkumar Singh, arrested for the murder of Monica Ghurde spent two nights on the terrace and one night with her in the flat before killing her on October 6 at Sapna Raj Valley complex in Sangolda-Bardez.

As details of the gruesome murder emerged following the arrest of Singh, the horror of what happened in perfume specialist Ghurde house were confirmed. According to the Police, Singh stayed on the terrace monitoring Ghurde’s movements for two days and tortured her the entire night before killing her at 3.30 am on October 6 in revenge for having lost his job based on her complaint.
Addressing the media, Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Police, Vimal Anand Gupta said Singh confessed to sexually abusing Ghurde. “The accused has confessed to the crime. He said that for two days he took shelter on the terrace of the building where Monica was residing at Sangolda , before forcibly entering her flat on October 5 evening at 6.30 p.m,” Gupta said.
He said that at knifepoint Singh threatened Ghurde, first tied her legs and hands to the bed and later demanded money. “He searched her purse and found Rs 4000. He later demanded the ATM cards and at knifepoint managed to get the PIN as well as mobile phone,” the DIG said.
He said Singh was sacked from the job on July 22 after being accused of stealing Ghurde’s umbrella. He was sacked and was not paid two months’ salary of Rs 22,000 by the owner of security service due to the theft accusation.
“He was told by the owner of the security services to ask Monica to release the payment and he had it in his mind that because of her that he lost his job and the salary was pending,” the DIG said.
Gupta said that Singh twice contacted Ghurde requesting her to ask his employer to release his salary and to keep him on the job.
“The accused worked as a labourer in Ponda for some time before going to Pune, Chennai, Hyderbad and Mumbai in search of jobs but was unsuccessful,” Gupta said adding that ‘during that time, he had contacted Monica’.
With anger brewing, on October 3 Singh came to the complex and spent two days on the terrace scouting for an opportunity to get into Ghurde’s flat, which he finally got on October 5 at 6.30 pm when he forced himself into the flat,” the DIG said.
Gupta said that Singh confessed that after getting the password of Ghurde’s mobile phone he had forced her to watch three porn video clips from her own phone and later sexually abused her.
“We also have clinching evidence collected from the site of the offence. He shaved in the bathroom of the deceased before abusing her while she was on the bed tied by a rope,” he said. Gupta said that Singh had boiled eggs for dinner and eat chocolates and ice cream from the fridge.
Goa Police has arrested the 21-year-old Singh in Bangalore after tracking him through ATM transactions of Ghurde’s debit card which he stole and used to withdraw money at different locations.
Singh revealed during investigation how he had tortured Ghurde throughout the night before strangulating her. Police said he arrived in Goa on April 5, 2016 in search of a job and was employed as a security guard in the complex, when Ghurde came searching for a rented flat.
“The accused was fascinated by Monica since day one when she inquired about the availability of a flat in the complex and later followed her movements. After his duty as a security guard, he washed residents’ cars, including that of Monica,” the DIG said after a daylong interrogation at Saligao Police Station, where he was present along with Superintendent of Police (North) Umesh Gaonkar and Saligao PI Rajesh Kumar.
Gupta said that Singh revealed that he killed Ghurde fearing she would complain to the police. “The deceased screamed on several occasions seeking help but none from the complex could hear it,” the DIG said.
And thus another vibrant life was cut short, in a manner as brutal, in Goa where murders of this nature were restricted to films and books of fiction. They are real now.

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