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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Waste management in state dysfunctional

Opposition to charging of garbage fee, non-availability of space for disposal and lack of equipment for collection are problems often cited by local bodies in solid waste management.
On a daily basis, the state generates about 400-450 tonne of solid and wet waste, out of which 200 tonne comprises of solid waste. This amounts to generation of around 72,000 tonne solid waste a year. But, over the last two years, only around 6,145 tonne solid waste has been collected from 189 panchayats and 13 municipal councils which show that the waste management is pity poor.

Even with the setting up of modern Solid Waste Treatment Facility (SWMF) atop Saligao-Calangute plateau four months ago, it appears that the local bodies have not made much headway in achieving waste segregation at source. The plant since its commencement on May 30 has received mainly mixed waste of around 2052.78 tonne in comparison with segregated dry waste collection of 178.7 tonne and 304.43 tonne of wet waste.
Nearly half of the 25 coastal panchayats, national highways and beach cleaning contractors give away waste to the solid waste management facility at Saligao on a daily basis. But they are not able to get the required quantity.
Though the city is covered under the city-modernisation scheme for improved civic amenities and infrastructure, it appears that the CCP has failed in wet waste management. Presently, CCP collects 17 tonne of wet waste of which 10 tonne are composed and remaining seven tonne are stocked at composting site located near SBI at EDC complex thereby emanating foul smell which the nearby residents and office-goers are unable to bear.
There are two garbage composting facilities of the CCP behind SBI building and near the LIC/ Income Tax/ BSNL buildings with two composting machines installed at each site with individual carrying capacity of 5 tonne and 6 tonne respectively, but the site behind SBI building remains non-operational due to unavailability of workers as a result 7-8 tonne wet waste is dumped daily at the site.

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