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Monday, June 27, 2016

Operator claims he had informed Mayor about machine’s carrying capacity

PANAJI: Mayor of the Corporation of the City of Panaji (CCP) Surendra Furtado ignored the warning from de-weeding machine operator that the machine could take only two persons on board at a time.

On Sunday, Furtado and 6 others including the machine operator Suraj Kumar Bind had a lucky escape after the de-weeding machine turned turtle in the St Inez nullah.
Following the incident, Panaji police on behalf of the state registered it under ‘other accidents’ and have initiated an inquiry.
So far, the police have recorded statements of the de-weeding machine operator and one supervisor, Shailesh in connection with the incident.
According information, Panaji police are likely to summon Furtado on Tuesday to record his statement. According to sources, the statements recorded have brought to light alleged negligence on part of the City Mayor Furtado.
The machine operator has claimed that he had informed Furtado that the machine cannot take more than two persons at a time. But in reply, Furtado told the operator that they need to conduct inspection and take photographs.
Ignoring the warning, Furtado reportedly asked the machine operator to start the machine, and so he started the machine and proceeded along the creek with 5 persons in excess
The sources informed that the statements even have claimed that the machine tilted to its side after one of the occupants caught hold of the joystick which resulted in operator loosing control over the machine.
The police inquiring into the incident have also written to the CCP requesting it to provide compensation for the damages caused to the machine after the incident, and have asked whether the CCP had authorised any persons to be on the machine.

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