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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Govt distributing LED bulbs to cover up its failure: Raia villagers

MARGAO: The Raia villagers have alleged that distribution of LED bulbs by the government is an attempt to cover up its failure to provide uninterrupted power to the people.

Instead of covering up its failure, the govt should ensure supply of quality and uninterrupted power to the people, they say.
The villagers have decided not to pay their bills as long as the department doesn’t solve their problems.
Frequent power outages and the failure of the electricity department in delivering the bills every month have been troubling the people for quite some time now.
Addressing a press conference, Raia Panch Xavier Fernandes said that the banks in Raia have stopped accepting bills of consumers in cash and have been forcing the consumers to pay by cheque.
“The poor people of the village are unable to pay the money by cheque and hence the bills have remained pending for months now. The people now fear that the department will send a huge bill with big arrears,” Fernandes feared.
“When inquired with the bank, they told that they have orders from above,” Panch Fernandes said.
“In the past, the people paid bills in the banks according to the order of the department. Now, if the banks do not cooperate, then, it is the responsibility of the department to accept bills when paid in cash,” said Anthony Fernandes, a villager.
“The entire episode has halted the process of bill payment and the Department needs to think fast and solve the matter so that the people are not forced to pay hefty bills,” he contended.

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