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Sunday, September 25, 2016

Village in Quepem taluka is cut off from rest of Goa

PANJIM: Despite tall claims of connecting India, Digital India and smart cities mushrooming accross the country, the Kajugottow-Corla village, which is in Quepem taluka, is still not connected with the rest of Goa even after 55 years of the state's liberation. Thanks to the authorities, this village doesn't have an approach road and no water supply.

People living here have a terrible life. Psephologically, they belong to Quepem taluka but their voting station is in Sanguem constituency. The nearest market is in Canacona and their health centre is at Balli, 25 km from the village. The villagers have to change two buses to reach there.
They have to travel 60 km to reach the village panchayat at Cavrem-Pilla or else walk 8 km through a wooded terrain which passes through multiple hilly areas.
They have been demanding for an approach road of four km from their village to Tiscon village where there is another approach road of 9 km to reach the highway. In the absence of that, school-going children, elderly and ailing villagers have a harrowing time.
Students have to trudge a distance of 16 km (two-way) daily to reach a school at Gokuldem. Of these 16 km, four km fall in thick jungle area, which is home to wild animals and these kids are left to fend for themselves!
“Since liberation,  we have been demanding for a road. All politicians who have visited us had loads of freebies as usual. But nothing "concrete" has happened so far. Even the Sanguem MLA, tribal minister and the PWD minister have made ballot recces here but have not brought any visible change to this place to make our lives smoother," said Sonu Gaonkar, a villager said.
There are over 20 families with an approximate population of over 120 people residing in this village. Gaonkar said the children have to cross two rivers to reach their school. Ailing persons are left to rely on their destiny.
“Students leave for school at 6am and they get back around 3.30pm after going through a challenging terrain, day in and day out," an elderly villager said.
There have been couple of incidents where the pregnant women have delivered at the middle of the junction while they were being ferried to the hospital," Meghnath Gaonkar said.
“The hardships we face is unthinkable by the people living in modern India,” Meghgnath said.
Villagers had constructed a school on their own and a teacher who resides in the neighbouring village has been posted by the education department.  

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