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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

No fishing during BRICS summit

Anti-terrorist squad, quick reaction teams to man beaches; no fly zone to be declared

PANJIM: All fishing activity in the State will come to a halt in view of the upcoming BRICS summit. Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Goa Police Vimal Anand Gupta said that fishing activities will be resumed only after the summit ends. The summit is scheduled on October 15 and 16.

He said that beach security has been sensitised by Goa police, while anti-terrorist squads and quick reaction teams have been deployed to man the beaches across the State. “Along with fishing vessels, all water sports have also been banned till the summit,” the DIG said.
He said that police have arranged different levels of security including sea, air and land. Gupta said that the marine wing of Goa Police will also be deployed and will man the seas up to five nautical miles.
He said that security up to 10 miles from the coast will be taken up by the Coast Guard and in the deep seas the Navy will take care of all security.
Gupta said that a no-fly zone will be declared soon which will be continuously monitored by night vision binoculars and air force radar. “There will be continuous helicopters which will keep track on all movement,” he said.
Nodal officers of all the agencies have come to Goa and the reccee has already begun, he added. He said that multiple agencies including NSG, BSF, paramilitary services, IB, Navy, Army are part of the security arrangements for BRICS.
“We have also sensitised the cities and the intelligence personnel and special branch personnel are keeping track of every suspicious movement, if any,” the DIG said.

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